In its natural state, concrete has a light gray color. However, over the last few decades it has become common to color concrete a variety of different hues. There are many techniques for coloring concrete that produce different strengths of color. For outdoor concrete, most homeowners prefer earth tones that blend with the surrounding landscape and the exterior of their home. Following are the five most popular color families for concrete patios, driveways, pool decks, paths and more


Trust Viccon Constructions for Affordable and High-Quality Coloured Driveways!

Our services include: concrete driveways, stamped driveways, stencil driveways Exposed aggregate and many more! Even if you’re after a paved or sandstone look for your driveway, we can make it happen. We understand the need for a good-looking driveway in your home and we take pride in our driveways. Our customers all praise Viccon Constructions Concreting for our work and craftsmanship! Get in contact today so we can concrete your fresh new driveway in no time.

We believe that proper homes deserve proper driveways – and there’s a lot to consider when it comes to paving driveways. Homeowners across the city want more from their driveway than purely functional concrete – they want a driveway that looks great and is seamless with the design of their home. With over fifteen years’ experience, the expert team at Viccon constructions will work with you to ensure we pave the perfect driveway for your home. Concreter Melbourne.

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